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With the development of urbanization, it is more convenient than before because means of transportation are constantly emerging. hands free segway E6 e-bike emerges under the background of a worsening traffic jam. With this mini bike in hand, each riding will become smooth and pleasant.

Nowadays, both science and urbanization change with each passing day and the transportation network is well-developed. It is not difficult for going to a far distance place for most people, but the problem of being trapped in crowded roads rises. Although the public traffic system tends to be perfect gradually and almost covers most areas in cities, people have to go back to destination on foot after getting off buses or subway stations.

airwheel electric self-balancing scooter

Airwheel is a manufacturing enterprise which is specializing in intelligent equipment. Airwheel has a diversified production line and also owns vehicles that are mainly for solving problems existed in urban transportation. The recent released folding electric bike, segway price E6 e-bike, is a typical one. Instead of the heavy image of traditional bicycles, E6 electric bike kit only weights 14.15kg. Along with the 8-inch tires, small figure or size no matter it is before folding or after folding and the flexible X-shape main folding structure, E6 e bike is a very portable carry-on vehicle. Even if cute girls can lift it to upstairs or downstairs easily.

Basically, the problem of the “last distance” between destination and bus stations or subway stations is solved. And surprisingly, E6 electric bike can connect other transporting vehicle. It is so easy to be taken into car trunk, bus or subway carriages after folding the main skeleton, seats, handrails and pedals.

In addition, summer holiday traveling also needs such an awesome vehicle. As we know, the preparation before going on a journey is fairly necessary like remembering to take portable power devices just in case. But if you forget about this, what you are going to do? E6 segway for sale itself is a portable power supply device that can charge phones or other electronic devices. The USB interface located in the battery pack doesn’t look striking but is really practical.

All in all, Airwheel E6 e-bike makes your daily commuting so easy and wonderful.

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