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Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet is the new arrival. Although not eye-catching, it appeals to the concentration. As a matter of fact, the recondite technical ability is beyond measure so it is called, within reason, multifunctional wearable motile camera.

It is beyond our range of expectation for the appearance of Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet segway price. Most people will regard it as the normal helmets. It is totally wrong. Airwheel technical team endows C5 intelligent helmet with each core technology. As the intelligent helmet comes out, people’s life will also become more convenient.

For extreme sports enthusiasts, rock climbing, surfing or off-road adventure cycling will be the sports they are keen on. Self-protection equipment is necessary for these kinds of activities. Airwheel C5 helmet for Extreme sports can escort them. It adopts the whole shaped technology and has the outstanding tenacity and intensity so it can effectively withstand the impact from external environment. Plus air outlet will allow the heat of the head to be discharged.

C5 helmet heads up display

Another important function of C5 cool street bike helmet is the representation of memorable moments. C5 smart helmet is equipped with a 150° view-shed accompanying camera and the maximum memory supports 128GB. You can take photos or videos so as to capture the most exciting pictures.

As we know, the surroundings for extreme sports activities are all harsh. C5 helmet heads up display is identified as IP54 level which means it won’t be damaged from splash. Besides, the acceptable temperature ranges from minus 20℃ to 50℃. The 2K sharpness screen can present large view of pictures. More importantly, you can share the wonderful videos to your friends or upload it into the network platforms only if you connect the indoor network hot spot.

When you have phone calls, you can push the button on C5 Bluetooth helmet segway for sale to answer. Besides, the high quality blue tooth speaker will enrich your adventure. Even if you are listening to music, you still can hear the sound of surroundings so as to cope with the emergencies.

To sum up, Airwheel C5 costume intelligent helmet is a versatile gadget. More exciting moments of your daily life will be kept with this amazing helmet.

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