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For meeting times after work every day and weekends, most of people prefer to lie in the sofa for watching TV or playing games, especially when there is no activity at all. Such days with repeating life is really boring. segway electric scooter released several kinds of new products this year and it is believed that one of them will certainly arouse your fervor and let you go out for riding.

After finishing one-day’s work, the first thing to do is to open the air-conditioner and stay at home for resting. But ladies and gentlemen, do you forget the fitness and weight loss plan that you’ve made? Do no worry your energy. Now take a look at those powerful intelligent electric vehicles, you will certainly be stand up and say loudly “I want to go for riding”.

You feel too hot and do not want to go out?

Then you can consider this vehicle-Airwheel S8 two-wheeled electric scooter. With mini size and little volume, it also can veer with 360°. Therefore, S8 can be driven at home, such a limited space. Moreover, riders can sit to ride and stand to ride. Which mode do you like? It all depends on you according to the environment you are in.

Is not exciting by riding at home? Then go out!

E6 intelligent e bike

A magic vehicle, Z5 foldable electric scooter, will let you enjoy the passion and pleasure with the maximum speed of 20km/h and the electricity drive. When you need to stop riding, or go for a far distance place, Z5 can be with you with a smaller size since it can be folded in several parts. Your trip will become very free by owning this portable and flexible scooter electric.

When it refers to riding, bicycle is always welcomed.

At this time, E6 intelligent e bike will better suit you! It is an electric bicycle without chains. With the 8-inch wheels and double damping system, airwheel self-balancing scooter E6 runs steadily. Different from common bikes we can see, the saddles of E6 adopts the separated left-right design. Meanwhile, in order to cope with the nights’ riding, it is also equipped with headlight and intelligent taillight for safeguarding the riding at nights.

If you like them, there are more types for your choice. All of them are at Airwheel family.

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