Airwheel C5 Intelligent Helmet- Refreshing Our Conception of “Helmet”

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All new fashion starts out as a reaction against existing convention. The appearance of Airwheel C5 smart helmets can refresh our conception of traditional helmet and bring us unexpected surprises.

When you hear the word “helmet”, what will come into your mind? You might have a lot of ideas. However, it’s likely that all of your imaginations are limited to “a hat made of a strong material which you wear to protect your head”. This is not strange at all as people tend to think conventionally, but all new fashion starts out as a reaction against existing convention. So is Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet, whose appearance can refresh our conception of helmet.

airwheel c5 intelligent helmet

Airwheel C5 can record the exciting moments vividly. There are lots of precious moments in our life that we hope to remember forever: It might be the first time we play an electric scooter, it might be the exciting moment when we play extreme sports, and it might be the time when we go for breathtaking adventures. However, in consideration of our safety we can’t bring a camera with us while the sports camera shakes and is unable to take vivid records. What a pity! But finally Airwheel scooter electric C5 appears and it saves us from our predicament. Equipped with a camera, which is very near to human eyes, having a high-resolution of 2K and a wide view of 150 degrees, C5 helmet can reproduce scenes faithfully.

Airwheel C5 smart helmet supports both internal storage and export of images. After the pictures have been taken, we can choose either to store them in C5 or to export them. Having a maximum support memory of 128G, C5 enables us to store the wonderful moments. Connected with the App in the smart phone, we can control picture recording and play back the videos conveniently. Moreover, we can transmit the images to our social platforms through the built-in WIFI modular.

Airwheel C5 helmet for Extreme sports let us enjoy music and be aware of the environmental sounds at the same time. Besides being a camera, it can also be a bluetooth loudspeaker, which supports mainstream equipment for music playing.

Though C5 only weighs 850g, it has lots of functions, which refreshes our conception of helmet. where to buy electric scooters

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