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There are different types of airwheel self-balancing electric scooter to meet the demands of target customers. As investigation, a great part of riders would like to choose folding electric scooter which takes small space and is easy to pick up. Airwheel E6 is the scooter meeting the new demands of customers.

Airwheel E6 is the electric folding bicycle, riders just need to push the button, then the whole scooter will be fold including the main frame, the saddle, the handle and the peddle. As a result, Airwheel E6 takes much smaller space which is convenient for users to pick it up into the trunk, the subway and the elevator. Some people may wonder the size of Airwheel E6 is smaller, how about the cursing life, is it shortened due to the smaller size of battery? The battery can support the scooter to run long distance. Besides, the battery is not inserted into the scooter, it can be pulled and plugged easily. Riders can change the battery easily once the battery is powered out or has some problems.

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In the digital time, people cannot leave their digital devices, once those devices lack power, people will not be in the peace. The designer of the electric powered bicycle adds the USB connector for riders to charge. The battery is imported Panasonic brand, which can charge iPhone 6S for 70 times and iPad mini for 21 times if the power is full. Apart from the cell phones and iPad min, the USB can also connect with USB fans and USB audio, which can turn the riding into colorful and interesting one. This design is extremely of humanization since Airwheel segway electric scooter takes the demands of customers into consideration.

Airwheel E6 also takes C-AT control system and EBS braking system. The innovative C-AT technology can find the steadying point, so the scooter can find the best way of starting to save most watt. The whole journey becomes stable and safe since the start will not be in a hurry any more. Besides, the EBS braking system can help riders to operate the electric bike motor steadily even under the condition of sudden braking.

Do not hesitate, just take an Airwheel E6 back home and every user can has the excellent experience of riding electric bikes for sale.

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