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Airwheel is the market leader of intelligent electric scooter industry and devotes itself to providing the high-quality electric scooter to the public. The repair rate of Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter is low among all the airwheel self-balancing electric scooter brands, which owes to Airwheel’s pursuit of high quality.

After having developed for some years at home, Airwheel won high reputation and entered foreign market. Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter is popular all over the world and wins high reputation. Riders from many different countries uploaded their riding video on the internet. Aside from developed countries, many riders from developing countries are fans of Airwheel. These smart devices offer Airwheelers the smart life. In the future, Airwheel will still on the track of the smart electric scooter.

Airwheel has a few series of electric self-balancing scooter and every series has its own special features. For example, Airwheel electric unicycle X-series and electric twin-wheeled Q-series are designed for young people who love fashion and trend. They have fashionable and eye-catching appearance as well as intelligent performance. airwheel self-balancing scooter S-series is attached with more emphasis on the comfortable riding feeling of riders. It is designed for city elites and makes the slogan of “Happy Transport” come true.

As we all know, the riders would become exhausted for a long ride since the scooters before were all designed with standing-posture mode. Now, this problem is perfectly solved by A3 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter. Comparatively, Airwheel A3 is more suitable for those riders who want to keep away from physical tiredness and love relaxing way of commuting.

self-balancing air board

Riders can freely adjust the height of the hand pole according to different statures and have the most comfortable riding posture while riding with Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter. It is true that the small and tiny Airwheel Z5 has super power for a wonderful and brilliant riding experience.

Airwheel folding smart e bike makes riding labor-saving and efficient with 20km/h. The built-out modular battery design with USB port empowers smart e bike to play a versatile role. App is a complement to foldable e bike realizing App fault self-diagnosis and setting speed, besides the basic functions like real-time positioning and data checking etc.

Airwheel hands free segway will keep on innovation and upgrading the design to satisfy more individuals’ requirements