Airwheel Has Powerful R&D Capacity- Seen from Its Products S6, S8 and S9

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Airwheel has powerful R&D capacity, and this can be shown from the development of Airwheel S6 hands free segway to S8 electric scooter and then S9 wheeled mobile robot.

The R&D sector of Airwheel is of high productivity and high quality. It keeps creating new products and brings constant surprises to the customers. As members of Airwheel S series, Airwheel S6, S8 and S9 all adopt both the standing and the sitting riding postures, and the development from S6 to S8 and then S9 shows Airwheel’s great R&D power.

Airwheel S6 saddle-equipped scooter is the first Airwheel electric scooter that can be ridden both in the standing and the sitting postures, so it solves the problem that riders are usually very tired after long-time standing. Therefore, it can give riders more comfortable riding experience and win the favor of customers. Meanwhile, Airwheel S6 is mini, it can run along narrow corridors and it can be ridden indoors, which makes it can be used in all kinds of scenarios.

Airwheel S8 segway electric scooter develops on the basis of S6. The control shaft of Airwheel S8, which adopts the “C” shape, is both attractive and functional. The “C” shape is very pleasant to the eye while it makes the scooter have more stress points and ensures the riding to be safer and more comfortable. In addition, Airwheel S8 chooses the 10-inch blowout-proof tubeless tyre, which has good grip and shock absorption property, so it can pass through rough ground and slope nicely.

Airwheel S9 wheeled mobile robot realizes man-machine interaction through its internal laser radar and auditory collecting system, and it can avoid obstacles and plan its route through the comprehensive positioning system of GPRS, WIFI and network base station. In the future, S9 is planned to be used in more scenarios through upgrading plugins and software. To be frankly, the release of S9 segway for sale clearly proves Airwheel’s power of transforming research and technology to commodities, and claims that Airwheel is now marching into the field of artificial intelligence which is represented by service robot.

From the development of Airwheel S6, S8 and S9, one can conclude that it is the powerful R&D capacity of Airwheel that makes the company charming and full of energy.

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