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Do you have the road rage and do you want to escape from the crowded traffic in daily commuting? Would you like to promote the happiness index of your life? To change it, you can start with folding electric vehicles. Today two kinds of popular intelligent vehicles from Airwheel hands free segway are recommended for you.

Can you continue to endure the traffic congestion? You may feel depressed when you are late to arrive at office or it will make you anxious since the time taken into the way home is too long. Have you ever thought that a folding electric scooter or bicycle can help you get away from this life condition? Now you will need the portable equipment that can be connected to public transportation vehicles such as buses or subways. We’d like to share two Airwheel folding electric scooter or bicycle with you-Z5 foldable electric scooter and E3 backpack e bike.

airwheel self-balancing electric scooter

segway price Z5 is a very cool and unique intelligent product. With the small figure, light weight and triple folding system, it can be carried into elevators, buses or subway carriages. Also users can keep it into the car trunk when they are on a journey. Most of the folding joints of Z5 standing up electric scooter adopt the concealed design so it seems very simple and elegant. For the sake of users’ statures, Z5’s operating arm is designed to be adjustable. Riders who are 1.5m to 2.1m’s high can lower or raise the height of the operating arm for finding the most comfortable riding posture. The pedals can be folded for ease of allowing anterior standing posture. With this riding posture, users won’t feel fatigue comparing to the interlacing posture of tradition scooters.

The cute and mini E3 is a bike that can be folded into a backpack. Its folding steps are extremely simple. Handrail, pedals, saddles, tires and the main frame can be folded successively. Besides, E3 backpack electric bike only weights 12.5kg and surprisingly it can bear up to 100kg. The secret is the high quality aluminum alloy selected for the whole structure. The most special part shall be the left-right designed saddles which improves the riding experience.

To promote your quality of life, you can choose airwheel electric self-balancing scooter Z5 or E3.