Airwheel Intelligent sitting posture self-balancing scooter A3 Is Becoming Part of Life, Like Smartphones

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Abstract: It doesn't take too long before smartphones gained its way into each hand of people all around the world. Intelligent self-balancing scooter A3, with its unique style and hi-tech essence, is also becoming part of life now.

As a new-comer in the industrial world, intelligent self-balancing scooter is all set to become part and parcel of everyday life, like the smartphone has. The intelligent self-balancing scooter A3, built by Airwheel Technology, disclosed in the summer of 2015, epitomizes the changes that are about to take place.

The intelligent electric hoverboard industry has drawn wide attention of investors. The product diversification and broadening customer base have boosted their confidence. Different brands keep springing up and the intelligent scooters have seen remarkable growth in recent years.

Airwheel A3

Both the hardware and software supports have been elevated to a high level for A3. The two-wheeled electric scooter has initiated a unique sitting-posture riding style. It is equipped with a saddle and could release the fatigue of legs and feet. A3 also delivers steering-like experience. Differentiated from two-wheeled scooter S-series, A3 makes a simple turning relying on the turning of the hand grip, instead of merely on shifting rider's center of gravity.

The electronic braking system, hydraulic suspension system and automatic steering sensor system are ingeniously introduced to A3 to facilitate more comfortable and safer operation. In terms of the software supports, A3 is the first to be connected with a customized app, which could give real-time data and support personalized setting. The battery equipped has larger capacity to run farther.


The size of electric scooter may not surpass that of automobile industry. However, no one could deny that the electric scooters have complementary advantages to the traditional transportation field. In the daily commuting domain, A3 is exerting huge impacts. It has proven its efficiency and agility in urban transportation. The two-wheeled electric scooter is becoming part of life, as smartphones now.