Airwheel M3 electric skateboard’s perfect combination with the platform of Indiegogo

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Abstract: In order to widely spread the product concept into the heart of consumers and exchange ideas from consumers so as to gain suggestions and upgrade the performance and functions of its products, Airwheel Technology chooses M3, an intelligent electric skateboards to crowd funding through Indiegogo.

Airwheel has established a core R&D team with global vision. It devotes itself to be the leader of portable and smart transport industry throughout the world. Once design a good and practical product, it will make people benefit from the advance of high-tech. On Sept, 29th, 2015, Airwheel launched its latest product, M3 and from then on, the toy becomes a tool, a good mean of commuting.

Three months later, on December 29th, 2015, Airwheel selected M3 to crowd-funding in the largest global site for fund raisers, Indiegogo, in which M3 only costs $ 399 USD and this activity will last for 60 days. It doesn’t come easy but Airwheel finally succeed to make M3 officially online in Indiegogo owing to the hard-works days and nights. Each design of this electric hoverboard reflects the humanity, safety and convenience of this product. Let’s see some details collected by its engineers.

 M3 electric skateboard

The most innovative place lies in the 2.4G handhold wireless remote control. With it, riders can control to go back or forth and the infinitely variable speeds. One of the designer explains that the control chip, installed in the skateboard, collect data firstly, and then transmit them to the mobile phone wirelessly. By this way, users can clearly see all the information through their App. M3 wireless remote control is the typical high-tech product.

The deck of M3 maple airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is made of Canadian maple wood, which is very steady. In order to show users personality, M3 deck can be DIY as users’ will. You can design the pattern with colorful stickers or choose the patterns customized by Airwheel.

And then what you can use it for? Do not look down upon this electric air board. It can be the mean of transport of daily commuting, fitness device and tool for entertainment. It is fair to say M3 complete skateboard has many merits, if you are interested in it, you can get more details in