Airwheel M3 intelligent Motorized Skateboard: The Cream of the Crop

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Abstract: Airwheel M3 Self-balancing Electric Scooter, a four-wheeled skateboard is the cream of the crop among electric scooters. It is going to use its unexpected features to conquer some consumers. It is an electric skateboard with the mission to let its users experience thrills.

Every human being in the world is to admire of the cream of the crop. We believe you are also one of them. Airwheel M3 we are about to talk is the cream of the crop. It is an electric skateboard with a familiar face to us. Its mission is to let us taste its different thrill.

The outmost of motorized skateboard is a sticker that you can change as you like. Under the sticker is the board made of superior maple wood which is durable. It’s decked out in stickers, fitted with a remote control, rolling on a set of sturdy tires capable of conquering mud, gravel, grass and whatever else except maybe large steep hills. What a humanized design. Every detail is out of concern for riders. Underneath the board a damper mass is paired with, and then it is connected with four 4.5-inch grooved tires provided by Cheng Shin. It guarantees riders to glide on the road steadily even on some uneven pavements. The top speed it can reach up to is 18km/h, which is enough to bring riders thrills. Thanks to the brilliant battery providing more output power, M3 can gallop at full speed on the land for a long while.

This M3 is also named wireless remote control skateboard because it comes with a remote control connected with skateboard through sensors. It’s used to adjust the speed and also control the power supply. Riders need to slide the sliding button to realize variable speed. In view of this, riders can speed up, slow down or stop it through manipulating the remote control. That obviously lets riders enjoy the thrill and excitement gained from it.

Although M3 electric skateboards is rather strong, its weight is less than 12kg. It’s good to take M3 for adventure-seeking at the countryside around the city. Riders can feel it is the cream of the crop when riding it. Let’s have one.