Airwheel S8 Saddle Equipped Scooter, Traveling at Night to Enjoy the Life

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Summer is coming, so it becomes hot increasingly. Due to the high temperature, many people quit exercise since they feel hard to insist. airwheel electric self-balancing scooter S8 can help people to exercise at night, so people can still keep fit even in summer.

The hot weather troubles many people nowadays since they resist to go outside and keep exercise. Many people prefer to stay at home, enjoying the air conditioner and cool food. As a result, many people give up the idea of going outside to exercise or walk around. In fact, there is always the summer breeze at night and it is quite suitable for people to exercise at night. Airwheel S8, the electric scooter equipped with saddle is the transporting tools to help riders enjoy the summer.

saddle equipped scooter

airwheel two wheel self-balancing electric scooter S8 is the electric scooter which can be sited on or stand as the riders wish. The height of its saddle can be adjusted to match the height of riders. If riders stand on the electric bike motor for a long time, they can choose to sit on the saddle. Besides, the operating rod of the saddle is especially designed as “C” letter which can tolerate more load and people feel more comfortable when riding it.

The 2-wheeled electric scooter S8 also uses the large size tyre, the size is 10 inches and it can be suitable in different terrains. No matter the narrow path or the stable road, Airwheel S10 can be ridden smoothly on them easily. This ensures the safety of riders since even the green hand can operate and control the scooter with several minutes. Users can ride on Airwheel S8 at night to enjoy the breeze in summer and exercise at the same time. According to the scientific survey, standing is also a kind of exercise. If people can spend an hour riding the electric scooter everyday, they can keep fit or lose weight more easily.

Besides, Airwheel S8 can also play the role of transporting tool, it can avoid the traffic jam and protect the environment. Some users can also prefer to ride on the saddle equipped scooter shuttling between company and household, which saves lots of time in summer. With Airwheel segway price S8, users can exercise and avoiding traffic jam easily.