Airwheel S9 Wheeled Robot Makes the World Move around Its Rider

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Traditionally, people always depend on vehicles and have to meet many requirements such as strict time schedule of shuttle buses. hands free segway S9 balance robot helps riders feel as free as hair by removing the limitations of time and place. Therefore, it improves the efficiency and comfort of transportation.

People always subject to some kinds of vehicles. For example, they have to meet the timetable of shuttle bus, subway and train. No more and no less, they have to get to the station at the exact time because the drivers will never wait for one more second. Sometimes, car drivers are caught in the traffic congestion and can do nothing only to wait. Sometimes, drivers cannot travel through narrow roads by car and have to detour around the place with extra distances and time. All of these hinder the riders’ freedom. However, Airwheel S9, a new kind of self-balance robot, frees the riders with its small, flexible body and intelligent functions.

S9 service robot

Airwheel S9 is a self-balance wheel-based robot. It is suitable for short distance transportation and can travel freely to any place at any time. The rider will never worry about the traffic congestion because it can always find its own “broad” way instead of crammed road due to its small body. Also, the scenery on the rider’s “own” way is full of surprises because one never knows what will be seen at the turning corner, maybe a little squirrel staring at the rider in the trees, or a happy girl using a toy to blow colorful bubbles in the sunshine. The rider will feel that the world moves around him as he can travel freely as he wants and keeps in close relation with everything around him.

airwheel self-balancing scooter S9 intelligent robot is designed with human-computer interaction. Therefore it is not only at the rider’s service around the clock but also deeply cares about the rider. It has in-built positioning systems such as GPRS, WIFI, network base-station to plan the route and detour the barriers automatically. In the future, Airwheel S9 will explore the application in smart house for example, it can help the house owner to control electric appliances and clean the house.

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