Airwheel X8 electric one wheel helps Catherine change from an introvert to a lively girl

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Abstract: Speaking of the influence of electric one wheel unicycle Airwheel X8, Catherine has something to say. It seems that she becomes another girl, completely different from the original one.

Airwheel X8 electric one wheel is Catherine’s New Year’s gift. At her young age, she was shy and was not willing to play with other teenagers. Her parents feel guilty for this situation. Before the New Year, they saw a boy by riding an electric skateboard by chance and decided to buy one for their daughter. At that time, they had not intended to use it to change Catherine’s character. What they want to get is her daughter’s happiness. As a result, Catherine likes it very much and prefers to go outside for playing rather than staying at home.

Nearly one month, the single wheel scooter can make Catherine become lively which surprises Catherine’s mother. At the beginning, they took her to travel. It only weighs 11.1kg so Catherine can easily lift it to the trunk of their car. After arriving at the destination, she took it out and drove it slowly. She would like to share the riding experience with her parents. They harvest from this meaningful trip.

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Her parent said it is very important to ensure her safety during riding this electric unicycle. Of course it does not make them disappointed. 16-inch wheel hub installed in the tire minimizes rolling angle and optimizes grip effect. This design guarantees operation safety as well as emits a dynamic look. Besides, the inside intelligent system can deliver warnings when existing security problems.

Except family traveling, Catherine loved to ride this one wheel scooter for a while after school. Not only she can relax herself during the riding, but also can have chance to stay with her classmates or friends. They regarded this airwheel self-balancing scooter as their toy. Catherine knew how to adjust the height of the pedal. If standing on the pedal with the higher level, it will be another riding feeling. After seeing Catherine riding on X8, her father and mother also become curious about it. Sometimes, her parents drive it to relax after a whole day’s work.