Airwheel X8 Electric Unicycle Is the Kit for the Young


Abstract: This one-wheeled electric scooter Airwheel X8 enjoys a good name for its exquisite figure, flexible riding and wide applications. For those young people, they can go outside in this sunny spring to have more fun by rolling on the single-wheel scooter. A slow life enables them to have a taste on the spring scenery.

No matter whether they are girls or boys, a plenty of young people like to try scooters or skateboards for weaving on streets and bike lanes. The fun from the rolling is not second to fun of the jogging or playing football on playground. Rolling X8 is also a perfect chance of accompanying their girlfriend to bath the breeze at the seaside. With this kit—Airwheel X8 electric unicycle, they can have a relaxing life.


Airwheel X8


Its shell is made from high-end carbon fiber, which makes appearance cool and fashionable. It is equipped with intelligent chips and adopts aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, which ensures intelligent and energy-saving control.

For instance, slightly leaning forward or backward realizes speeding up or slowing down. In addition, it isn't powered by physical strength, but imported high-quality lithium-ion battery, whose energy is three times stronger than ordinary nickel-metal hydride battery. However, its weight is just one third of lead-acid battery. It adopts lithium-ion battery of inside of electric device that offers sufficient driving power and durability. Young people will be crazy about riding X8 after the first ride.


Airwheel X8


X8 plays several import roles in the young people's life. They can ride it to have a trip such as having a spring outing, going shopping in the malls or taking exercise to build up the body and so on. Since life lies in movement, it's meaningful to ride Airwheel X8 single-wheel electric scooter for a leisure life. It's a new normal to roll on the scooter to talk about the quality life.