Airwheel Z3, Travel in Supermarket and Shopping Mall Freely

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Abstract: The supermarket and shopping mall become larger and larger since they all develop as comprehensive stores to meet various demands of customers from different levels. As a result, people may be worn out to travel around them. At this time, what they need is the tool to relax from long time walking.

“I am so tired; I cannot walk any longer.” “Can we stop and have a rest, why you are so energetic when going shopping?” Such compliant can be heard in large shopping mall or supermarket everywhere. To meet the demands of customers and relax their legs, Airwheel promotes Airwheel Z3 self-balancing scooter into the market. The electric scooter can be folded to put into the trunk of the car. So it can be taken to the shopping mall or supermarket easily. When going shopping or choosing what they want, customers can ride Airwheel Z3 to travel around the store without walking.

two wheel self-balancing electric scooter

The design of Airwheel Z3 can also allow users to stand in a positive way which can save more energy. Besides, the pedals of the electric motor can be folded to save space. So if customers want to choose this one, they can just close its power, and fold its pedals. The battery of Airwheel Z3 can be changed in case of the shortage of electricity.

Download the APP, and riders can watch status of the self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter through their smart phones. Riders can choose what they want carefully as soon as they use their smart remote control to lock Airwheel Z3. When riders are riding the scooter, the speed can also be monitored to prevent over speed indoors which is dangerous for both the riders and others. The APP also reminds the electricity quantity of Airwheel z3 electric scooter to avoid the awkward situation that the scooter is out of power and riders must walk by themselves as well as pushing the scooter.

After owning an electric self-balancing scooter as Airwheel Z3, couples will not quarrel with each other since going shopping is not as painful as before for males; the family can enjoy the time in supermarket to choose goods without their kids crying since they are happy to ride a scooter. It can really improve the quality of life.