Airwheel Z5: Do Not Judge The Scooter By Its Appearance


Abstract: Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter is designed with small in the size and light in the weight. However, the small-sized Airwheel Z5 is actually able to provide wonderful riding experience due to its brilliant design and marvelous performance. Truthfully, Airwheel Z5 is a small superstar with big superpower.

We tend to make a mistake:  judge people with their appearance. A video describing a six-year-old girl asks help from the passers-by with totally different clothes, in elegant and beautiful one and in dirty one respectively. It is proved that the girl in elegant and beautiful clothes gains help much more easily.



Airwheel Z5 is multi-layer foldable, and riders can easily collapse Z5 to save space. Airwheel Z5 can be easily folded into small size to be carried into elevator, subway, bus, or stored in the trunk of a car. Airwheel Z5 folding electric scooter is featured with classic designs with two small-sized 8-inch wheels. Special tire with concave and convex texture design improves grip performance to better ensure safety.



In spite of its small size and flexibility, Airwheel Z5 is featured by big super power. After starting, the instantaneous output signals will be delivered to the motor controller in the most efficient drive motor output, so as to bring more sensitive control experience. It can easily speed up to the high speed of 20km/h, which is enough fast for speedy riding. Plus, Z5 electric scooter supports replaceable battery pack that can provide sustainable power to the electric scooter. Also, Z5 is the first model introducing USB port in the battery to add more fun to long-distance travels.



Of course, Airwheel Z5 smart electric scooter ensures a relaxing and wonderful riding experience with its optimized design style. For instance, the two foldable pedals made with frosted surface increase anti-skid capacity and prevent riders from getting slippery at rainy days and ensures a comfortable riding posture. Its operating rod can be adjusted to a certain height according to the rider's stature.