An Airwheel veteran’s advices for how to select the suitable folding electric bikes or scooters

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  • An Airwheel veteran’s advices for how to select the suitable folding electric bikes or scooters

How about buying an intelligent folding electric bikes or scooters for you, just like those geeks in the street of crowded cities? Without hesitate, yes. But do you know how to select one you like? Today, a veteran from Airwheel airwheel electric self-balancing scooter has something to say.

Currently, all kinds of intelligent equipment that replacing of walking are filled in the city, but the folding electric scooters or bikes becomes well recognized. Maybe some of them just want to buy such a vehicle to go to work, or add more fun for the boring life. But among the complex vehicles, how to choose one that better suits you? The following words help.

First thing first, you must confirm whether the folding electric vehicles can meet up with your basic requirement of your daily life.

Generally speaking, folding electric vehicles are designed to be exquisite so the speed is normally limited within a safe value, for example, the folding electric scooters or vehicles’ speed is less than 20km/h. What’s more, combining different riding situation, the riding speed may be influenced. E series folding e bikes and Z series 2-wheeled airwheel two wheel self-balancing electric scooter of Airwheel have their special app installed in the smartphone. Users can adjust the maximum speed via this app. The veteran suggests that beginners had better lower the maximum speed and adapt this kind of vehicle gradually.

Most people choose folding electric vehicles mainly because of their portability. Airwheel folding electric vehicles weigh between 12kg and 14kg so girls can carry it easily. Plus, the shape after folding also matters. Take the real product as examples, Z5 standing up electric scooter has a special hook for fixing the main folding joint so that the whole skeleton performs solid and firm; E3 backpack electric bike’s two wheels can be finely folded into the two circles. It can be loaded into a backpack after completing all the folding procedures.

Small size tires are preferred to be adopted for most folding electric vehicles. They perform not as good as big size ones, but for city riding, they are qualified. Certainly, if you have to move in uneven road, Z5 electric scoot for adults and E6 airwheel self-balancing scooter can be quite qualified owing to their double shock absorption system.

Now you must have your answer.