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Although Airwheel S8 2-wheeled electric scooter is small in size, it doesn’t mean it is only suitable for leisure and entertainment. Actually, it also can be applied to some special occasions. Here are applications of segway electric scooter in details.

Self-balancing electric scooter is a low-carbon travel mode in electric transport field, which is used for people’s daily travel. However, there are many different types of self-balancing electric scooters in the nowadays market, which vary with applications. In 2016, Airwheel published several types of new arrivals. Airwheel S8 is one of them, which is proud of its dual ride mode. Here are main applications of S8. Intelligent sensor systems with multipoint that spread over the saddle and pedals can respond to pressure accurately and immediately and transmit the order to intelligent control center to start self-balancing device.

Daily low-carbon transport
Daily low-carbon transport is the simplest application of all intelligent self-balancing scooters. Imported Li-ion batteries featuring zero-emission, ensure you have a safe journey. When it comes to the comfort of S8 mini electric scooter, it is absolutely a piece of cake. Airwheel S8 rewrites the algorithm and upgrades the pressure sensitive system from two-shaft driving to all-round three-shaft driving, to achieve the purpose of either standing or sitting to ride.

S8 electric walkcar

Indoor move
airwheel two wheel self-balancing electric scooter also can be used in some large-scale indoor occasions, such as exhibition hall, airport or warehouse. On the one hand, it can help staff move with those large-scale indoor occasions conveniently and also improve the work efficiency. On the other hand, such an alternative is full of a sense of science, which is in favor of establishing good official image. Besides, it is totally noise-free and thus it won’t affect others at all.

Security patrol
10 inch tubeless tires with excellent performances ensure that you ride on any roads steadily. Its dual motors provide strong power with steady and continuous power output to ensure the vehicle negotiate on slopes, sand and other road conditions as easily as riding on plain roads. Then, riding S8 electric walkcar isn’t restricted by severe weather. Therefore, it can be widely applied to some special occupations, like public security, traffic police and armed police.

Airwheel S8 hands free segway is an all-rounder of various special occasions.

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