Tips on Choosing a Power Wheelchair

In addition to the weight capacity, anther important factor we should consider is the range-the total distance a power chair can travel on a full battery charge. Maximizing battery life is one of the most important factors to consider when managing the use of a chair. Airwheel electric wheelchair is equipped with quality battery to ensure the stable range and also spare batteries are optional.

Airwheel SE3mini:Hand luggage, kickboard and trolley in one

Although it is a smart riding case equipped with a lithium battery, this does not affect the normal boarding of Airwheel SE3miniT and the security check. It adopts a modular battery design and is located at the rear of the box. It can be directly plugged in and removed without any tools. It can be quickly disassembled before security inspection to meet relevant regulations and pass smoothly. The box lock also adopts the TSA customs code lock, which can avoid violent opening and inspection. As an aviation boarding box, it is completely stress-free.

What a scooter suitcase can do for you?

Airwheel smart suitcase can carry people forward at a speed of 13km/h, mainly thanks to the powerful motor wheels, reasonable drive structure and intelligent control handles. When in use, you only need to press the telescopic switch to let the box body automatically stretch out of the smart riding rod, and then adjust the height of the rod body, and then you can ride and use it, simple and convenient. The intelligent control handle only has the left and right side handlebars, the right side controls the acceleration, the left side controls the brake, and the control can be used for reversing.

5 reasons for you to choose an Airwheel electric wheelchair

Abstract: What’s the main reasons for you to choose power chair?
In order to comprehensively improve the safety, Airwheel power wheelchair adopts EABS electromagnetic brake, just your hand leaves the intelligent control handle, the body will instantly sense high-efficiency braking, even if it is on a slope. when riding in reverse, the horn will also automatically emit a buzzer warning;

How to make your next travel easier and more comfortable?

In order to bring more convenience to the journey, the Airwheel SE3S rideable suitabse is also designed with dual USB charging ports, which can be connected to data cables to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and Bluetooth headsets. It adopts a modular battery design, which can be quickly disassembled without tools, and the battery capacity is 73.26WH, which meets the boarding regulations and can quickly pass through the security check without affecting the normal use of the luggage.

Ride or walk? It’s not a question with Airwheel SE3miniT scooterluggage(Chapeter 2)

Taking a flight is one of the mainstream transportation options in the current journey. Therefore, many will give priority to whether they can pass the security check and board the plane when purchasing luggage. The body volume of Airwheel SE3miniT robotics suitcase is 385×250×575mm, which conforms to the international standard of 20-inch boarding case. The built-in battery has a capacity of 73.26Wh, which meets the traffic regulations of major airlines. At the same time, it also adopts an external detachable design, which can be quickly taken out before security inspection for smooth passage. The box lock also adopts the TSA customs code lock, avoiding the violent opening of customs.

Ride or walk? It’s not a question with Airwheel SE3miniT suitcaseelectricscooter(Chapeter 1)

Airwheel SE3miniT smart riding suitcase can not only be towed like a traditional luggage, but can also be used for riding. There is a a powerful motor wheel at the bottom, which allows travellers to ride it at a speed of 6km/h. Just pull out the riding rod, and you can turn your luggage into a walking device, moving efficiently and effortlessly. There is no difficulty for riding it. The smart handle used for riding can be used not only by pulling it out, but also by turning the handle on the left and right sides. The right side can control the acceleration, the left side can control the brake, and pressing both can realize reversing. When taking a flight, the lithium battery adopts an external pluggable design, which can be removed to meet the security inspection regulations, and can be used as a power bank to charge portable electronic devices.

Airwheel SE3miniT motorizedrideableluggagewould be your new hot ride.

To make the Scooter suitcase a qualified means of transportation, the strength of the suitcase is extremely important. The case of Airwheel SE3miniT suitcase electric scooter is made of ABS+PC suitable material, which has sufficient strength and toughness, and is resistant to scratches and discoloration after long-term use. At the same time, the luggage shell is reinforced with a one-piece box frame made of 6 series high-grade aluminum alloy, and is designed with 52 high-strength riveting joints. While ensuring strong support, it also ensures a better fit and stability. With heavy reinforcement, you can ride with confidence without worrying about the items in the luggage being squeezed.