Embedded Intelligence: Airwheel Multifunctional Helmet C5

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Transportation is an essential requirement in every country. With the high rates of cycling injuries, intelligent helmet are potentially one of the meaningful products in our modern society. airwheel electric self-balancing scooter has followed this requirements and unveiled a multifunction helmet C5 embedded the intelligent elements.

In the number of two wheeled vehicles accidents, people are encouraged to wear helmets during riding. In some countries, it is even established in the law. Some injuries in these accidents can be evitable by wearing a good performance helmet. Airwheel C5 can not only keep you safe, but also keep the record of the accident to avoid the unnecessary disputes.

Safety as the top priority, Airwheel C5 adopts the material Polycarbonate as the shell surface. With high resistance and impact performance, the helmet C5 will be shielded the riders from getting hurt in case of danger. The application of embedded technology, the shell can bear great impact and protect head in good condition effectively with the unibody processing. C5 is an intelligent helmet for your road safety.

C5 helmet heads up display

Multifunction featured, C5 helmet heads up display enables you to take picture and video during riding. High quality lens ahead can present high- contract and high resolution shooting performance. The camera is closer to your eyes, realizing what you see is what you get. Recording every moment in your riding, C5 may be help you get out of accident disputes as evidence. Built-in WIFI module on C5 enables you to share your pleasure with your friends by connecting to the phone.

Bluetooth technology allows C5 sport camera to connect to the phone. You can answer calls and listen to music during the journey. No need to stop to answer phone call, you will not be disturbed in the riding. Music and beautiful scenery, you can enjoy your journey to the fullest. With 2000mAh large battery and intelligent management chip, Airwheel C5 can be prolonged to 180min. It can accompany you in the entire riding.

Finished its mission outdoor, Airwheel segway electric scooter C5 intelligent helmet can also work as a monitor at home. It supports non-net video 24 hour per day, which is useful for home security. Any abnormalities will be noticed when you back home. If you have a baby, it can also monitor its every move at night.

With intelligent helmet C5, your riding can also be intelligent.