From Bikes to Airwheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooters, What Have the Young Generation Experienced?

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Abstract: The evolution of commuting vehicles keeps advancing. However, though more comfortable cars are created, there are still some young people choose to get around with an Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooter to get around.

In the early age of the generation after 80s, the childhood is accompanied by bikes. They ride bikes with their peers to school, discussing what they have experienced the other day. Even in colleges, since cars are banned from getting inside, bikes are still the most efficient tool to get around on campus. It is also a romantic experience for campus lovers to ride bikes together to enjoy the sunset in the lakeside. When the young people come of age, each would get a driving license.

It is beyond expression how excited they are when they drive alone for the first time. But the excitement would not last long before they are faced with the high oil cost. As private cars are in large number, it is no longer that easy to drive in urban traffic environment. Under such a condition, many people are acquainted with a new type of green and efficient vehicle, intelligent self-balancing scooter. From bikes, to intelligent self-balancing scooters, it is a sign of technological progress as well as recovering the original simplicity.

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Intelligent self-balancing scooters may seem a broad concept. Actually, there are many types of the new vehicles. Taking Airwheel Technology, the established brand in the industry for example, it has created complete series of twin-wheeled scooter, electric unicycles, twin-wheeled scooters, electric skateboard and other innovative tools to assist daily commuting.

The invention of so many types of intelligent self-balancing scooters is to arouse people’s concern over urban environmental and traffic issues, and to attract more people to join in a low-carbon commuting. It has been proven, how agile and efficient the new types of vehicles are in the congested urban traffic. Intelligent self-balancing scooters seem to be an alternative to cars and bikes, for which it draws the sportive feature of bikes and the labor-saving feature of cars. The popularity of intelligent self-balancing scooters embodies a pursuit of healthy, simple and wonderful lifestyle.