From Niche Market To Mass Market, Airwheel Electric Walkcar Does Its Best.

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  • From Niche Market To Mass Market, Airwheel Electric Walkcar Does Its Best.

As a new transport that has the advantages of being fashionable and convenient, airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is becoming more and more popular among young people. Riders attach much importance on the materials, function design and safety of electric walkcar.

Airwheel believes our lifestyle in the future will be facilitated by intelligent tools and the internet of things. Intelligent tools will extend and expand people’s senses, enhance people’s capabilities, and narrow the gap between dream and reality. From niche market to mass market, Airwheel electric walkcar does its best.

Being fashionable, convenient and eco-friendly, Airwheel electric scooter attracts more and more people’s attention. Last month, the leading brand of electric scooter, Airwheel, released two new products: Airwheel E6 and E3 smart electric folding bikes. Although electric scooter is still a niche transport way, that doesn’t mean the market of electric scooter is small. On the contrary, the niche products have the advantages of being creative and special. In the future, electric scooter will develop from niche market to mass market, bringing better transport experience to more people.

intelligent electric scooter

airwheel two wheel self-balancing electric scooter is born for the market requirement of low consumption transport. It is a new fashionable, portable and eco-friendly transport appeared these years. At present, compared to bicycle and cars, Airwheel is still a niche product. However, it is welcomed and supported by many customers willing to accept new things. Being green, low-carbon and low consumption, Airwheel conforms to the development trend of our society. What’s more, it meets the short-distant, portable and wearable transport needs of people.

Every new emerging industry has to go through the process of disorder competition. High quality and safety are two most important elements of customers to choose electric scooter. Airwheel intelligent electric scooter tried its best to produce superior products for customers. Airwheel adopts the branded lithium-ion battery, which is reliable and safe. Besides, Airwheel designs four levels of protection: safety protection, low electric quality protection, speed limit protection and heel protection. These protections make the scooter faster, more stable and more comfortable.

With the continuous development, segway price will develop from niche market to mass market and provide better transport experience and higher life quality for more people.