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After many years of unremitting efforts, airwheel electric self-balancing scooter has successfully developed electric scooters, electric skateboard and e bikes and introduced them into market. With Airwheel, you do not worry about the traffic jam and crowded bus or metro since you have Airwheel.

The evolutionary road for Airwheel is a transition from standing posture to sitting posture. The earlier products of Airwheel are the electric unicycle and the twin-wheeled scooters. Riding the earlier products requires lots of bold practice, since the scooters are merely controlled by body movement. In the earlier developing age of intelligent scooters, they are frequently quoted as toys for young people. Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter then served as either an exercise equipment or an entertaining vehicle. But observing in the opposite way, the electric unicycles free people of their two hands.


Moreover, street skating is an entertainment to display the fancy skill of airwheel self-balancing electric scooter fans. Turning circles, sitting on it while rolling, standing upside down and even pushing a car while standing on it, here comes a scooter veteran. He wants to prove his skills of riding in front of audiences by making a show off his fantastic tricks. The scooter fans also bring about the happiness to audiences indeed.

Among these models, S series of double-wheels electric scooter is an optimization in terms of design and power. Therefore, from the point of technology and design, S series could be regarded as the king of Airwheel intelligent electric scooter. That is one small change for structure, one giant leap for sheer creation. The two-wheeled structure further makes sure balance and enhances the ease of use, which lies behind the enormous popularity of S-series.

The intelligent scooter Airwheel is noted for its performance and quality. Another reason why most young people like it is that Airwheel is smart electric scooters. Airwheel electric scooter adopts the attitude system in itself. With the attitude system, the rider can go forward or backward by leaning back and forth. Once the rider gets the hang of the electric self-balancing scooter, he could go to and fro at will. In the respect of smart nature, Airwheel segway price spares no effort. Since last year, Airwheel threw itself into the field.