How to Choose the Best Bike Helmet? Airwheel C5 Guides the Buyer

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Abstract: As for the beginner of cycling, the various kinds of helmets can be confusing. What aspects need to be considered when choosing a helmet? How to maximize the safety and comfort? Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 tells the answer.

Bike helmets are produced to protect the riders from head injuries. However, there are a wide range of helmets in the market which may confuse the green-hand. This essay will explain the key features the cyclist should consider when buying a helmet and introduce the suitable choice, Airwheel blutooth helmet C5.

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The first feature is fit. It is imperative that the helmet is comfortable because sometimes the rider has to wear the helmet for a long time. Airwheel smart helmet C5 is designed with the suitable dimensions and high-quality materials to ensure wonderful riding experience. Also, Airwheel C5 is fit for both men and women with chic style and classic colors of silvery grey and black.

The second feature is safety. Helmet plays a significant role in protecting the rider’s safety. In addition to Airwheel cool street bike helmet C5’s hard shell, it is also equipped with some intelligent devices including the rear light which cautions the vehicles and passengers in dim places or at night. In addition, the helmet is designed with a microphone and bluetooth earphone which ensure clear timbre and easy operation. Therefore, the rider can answer the phone easily to guarantee his or her safety.

Based on these two features, intelligence will make the helmet more appealing, especially for the young people. Airwheel intelligent helmet for extreme sports C5 integrates science and technology to improve the user experience. It is designed with a built-in camera for photograph or video to help the rider record the instant and impressive scenery along the road with convenience and efficiency. The camera has a 2.4-inch display screen with 1280×720 progressive scanning for the rider to look at the photos and videos. This popular camera is also bound in other outdoor activities such as rock climbing, skateboarding, skating and surfing, etc.

Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 is a good fit for the riders with its humanized design and extraordinary experience. Also, it makes the riding more joyful and interesting with its high-tech wearable devices.