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The declining of Yahoo gives all technological company a lesson. Without innovation and specific targeting, no company can survive long, including Airwheel Technology.

Yahoo may be the first website that many people have visited. But now the company is taken over by Verizon after sustained losses. In the competitive world, no company can survive long without precise market positioning and constant innovation to meet the increasing needs of customers. This is a lesson for Airwheel. airwheel self-balancing scooter is an intelligent transportation vehicle manufacturer. Since its founding in 2004, its products have been widely received all over the world. The company has always placed customers’ needs in the first place. It has demonstrated how innovations facilitate daily life.

Airwheel backpack folding bike

Airwheel produces green travelling vehicles, varying from intelligent scooters to electric bikes. The smart products have served as an efficient solution to daily commuters. In particular, the recently launched Airwheel segway electric scooter have implemented thoroughly the practical usage. As long as customers can ride bikes, they can handle the e bike. Daily commuters can cover the distance between home and company with the vehicle. They can save much labor and time. Riding enthusiasts can store the vehicle in the car trunk and take it out for a leisure riding.

In other ways, the electric bicycles are integrated with more high scientific and technological contents. Employing special aluminum alloy, the weight of the electric bikes have been strictly controlled, which enables it to be easily lifted even by females. Airwheel backpack folding bike E3, even weighs about 12.5 kg and can be folded into a size of 474*399*374mm. The small stature enables it to move freely in the congested urban environment. The invention of electric bikes is to get people rid of the polluted automobiles and crowded public transportation. Airwheel E3 and E6 have also adopted some unique designs to enhance the comfortability of riding. They select rubber saddle in left-right design, instead of sponge cushion, which provide balanced force and good ventilation. The patented body design of E6 enables the small vehicle to bear 100kg load.

Airwheel invests heavily in R&D to deliver the best riding experience to its customers. The creation of Airwheel hands free segway E3 and E6 marks a zero to one breakthrough to the company.