Not Every Electricity-Powered Vehicle Can Be Called Airwheel Intelligent Scooters

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Abstract: It’s very easy to install electricity power bank in vehicles. But not every electricity-powered vehicle can be called Airwheel intelligent scooters.

City vehicles have been an indispensable part of people’s city life. And no doubt that the traditional fossil-fuel vehicles may not be the best choices for people in city transportations. So people have developed electricity-powered vehicles which are much quieter and more convenient in some situations. Though there are so many brands and models of electric vehicles in the market, not every electricity-powered vehicles can be called Airwheel intelligent two wheel self-balancing electric scooter.

As the black horse in the intelligent scooter industry, Airwheel has brought people so many classic intelligent vehicles which do surprise people. Airwheel are electricity-powered vehicles, but the intelligence technologies and the diversified design ideas Airwheel adopts in its products make Airwheel intelligent scooters the unique ones in the market.

As a convinced pro of intelligence technologies, Airwheel never stops promoting the integration of intelligence technologies into its electric vehicles. Both software and hardware of Airwheel intelligent scooters are designed to support the intelligent functions which offer riders good riding experiences. The operating system inside the modules like X series electric unicycles and Q series twin-wheeled intelligent scooter enable the vehicles to intelligently judge the slight movement of the gravity center of riders and adjust the balance by itself. Similarly in A series sitting-posture intelligent scooters the operating system needs to analyze riders’ body movement on control shaft and the seat and adjust themselves intelligently. Smart phones are now the best carrier and platform being necessary for realizing many intelligent functions. Airwheel has developed its own smart phone APP for its vehicles. It’s foreseeable that many new and interesting functions will be added while Airwheel improves its APP.

Apart from that intelligence technologies adopted into the products, the design idea is also one element that makes Airwheel intelligent scooters different. Airwheel has never treat consumers as the group which only need to accept. Instead, Airwheel clearly understands that different user groups have differential needs. For instance Airwheel developed Airwheel M3 electric skateboards for young people who need helpful and interesting vehicles; S6 airwheel self-balancing electric scooter are designed for those who need free hands like photographers.

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