Pretty Girls Danced on Electric Hoverboards with Difficult Movements

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Abstract: In order to welcome the New Year, three girls from America filmed a short video to express their wishes and hopes in the next year. They did perfect dance on the electric hoverboards, which had been beyond ordinary people's imagination.

This video has got a hit on the internet. The three pretty girls stepped on the self-balancing two-wheeled electric scooters to show off various dancing poses. First they are must be dancers or acrobats. These movements can't be made for common people. Three dancers are not only restricted to legs' movements, but also show other stunts finished by hands.



They are not use legs to stand on the board, but hands. With hands attaching on the scooters, their body are still able to make series movements. One of them, she should hold up another dancer while standing on the board.

From this hot video, there is a trend—Scooter Dance. That can be a miracle in the acrobatics. One thing for all people that must be clarified is that riding a hoverboard well is not a no-brainer. It needs good balance ability and flexible body. If the rider needs to finish all sorts of difficult movements on the scooter, he needs a large amount of practices. This performance will always bring gasps of amazement form all onlookers or audience.



Apparently, the hoverboards are totally different from the electric unicycles. The process of leaning to ride on a single wheel is a challenge for most riders. It can take the user one week to learn it at least. In order to solve this issue, Airwheel has created one model, twin-wheeled electric scooter which is still designed with one wheel. But the self-balancing ability of this scooter is much better than the unicycle.

Presumably there some people are expecting some hot girls standing unicycles with difficult movements or dancing poses. This scene must be marveling bound to surpass those three girls on the hoverboards.