Say Goodbye to Indoorsman, the Help from Airwheel Intelligent Electric Bike E6

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The Internet science and technology make a significant breakthrough in human beings’ life of the whole world. It makes shopping online come true and let people know the news from different places or even different countries within doors, however, just because of the rapid development of network, more and more people are addicted to video games, and cannot bear to part with screens.

As everyone knows that, long-time sitting in front of computer and staying at home do harm to our health, the developers of games also notice this key point, with the original minds, a mobile game called pokemon go which sweeps the world was born. In brief, this game is about catching and collecting pokemons, the big difference of this game from other games is that players should go out to different places for different pokemons, so a group of people who focus on their phones appear on the street. As electric scooters become more and more popular, more people tend to choose them as catching helpers.

Among Airwheel transportation devices, light and portable product such as E6 is the first choice for players. The weight of airwheel self-balancing scooter e-bike E6 is only 14.15kg, that is to say, it is very easy even for girls to take it along, however, the smaller size and lighter body don’t limit the load to a small figure, with the stable X shaped design, it enables the body to bear up to 100kg load.

For one key to fold function, it is much easier for riders to fold or unfold, besides for the main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals can be folded, it can be easily carried into buses, subways and trains etc. There is a special design of high efficient USB port for Airwheel foldable electric bicycle E6, with this humanized design, people can rule out the situation that the cell phone is out of juice by charging the phone any time, so people can enjoy the game to their full content, what’s more, USB night light, USB fan or other daily electronics can also be charged via USB port.

Although people can search prodigious amounts of information online, the real outdoor experiences will give you different feelings.