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Airwheel S8 airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, with both sitting riding posture and standing riding posture, not only has the unique riding control method, but also proceeds from practical usage so that it brings fantastic riding experience for riders. Now let’s have a general information for this electric walkcar.

It is a trend for future transportation development to ride miniaturization and portable vehicles. Recently, Airwheel S8 electric walkcar has yielded unusually brilliant results and has succeeded to attract the attention from riders in self-balancing field. More than that, S8 also motivates the interest of common users to ride self-balancing scooters. So in this period, Airwheel S8 stands out.

S8 two wheel electric scooter

Airwheel’s strategy differs from most peer two-wheeled electric scooters. It initiates the two mode riding control to resolve the problem that it is hard to grasp the skill of learning so as to promote the practicability and using experience. It is a bold decision but receives terrific feedback from the market before the appearance of Airwheel S6 electric walkcar. Airwheel gathered plenty of market feedback data and users’ suggestions by closely following the demand and afterwards it released S8 double-wheels airwheel self-balancing electric scooter based on S6.

We are clear to know that S8 is superior from the comparison of the tires’ size and material between S6 and S8. With the 10-inch tubeless tires, S8 intelligent power scooter has a larger contact area with ground so it performs better in road holding and skid resistance. Additionally, the tires of S8 has better ability of shock absorption so it is more steady when it is moving in some more complex road conditions.

S8 saddle-equipped scooter, made of aviation aluminum and only weighing 14.5, is very easy to be carry. This material of frame firstly ensures the light weight and strength of frame. Meanwhile, it can load a maximum of 100kg and also bear certain exterior impact. Amazingly, the arc shape control lever of S8 two wheel segway price makes it more graceful and also improves the steering operations. The pedals adopt natural rubber with concave-convex lines treatment to relief impact and avoid bumpy feeling. The cushion selects superior leather cushion and the gravity is lowered backwards for promoting riding experience.

Sit or stand to ride, you are the boss!

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