Test Airwheel Q3 Electric Scooter – Dinside.no Article

As the founder of Airwheel Mr. Guogang Zuo said, “It’s not that difficult to build an unicycle”. Changzhou Airwheel Technology Co., Ltd has grown rapidly from a start-up to the leader in the industry of self-balancing scooters with global distribution network.
Arrived Stop: Electric Unicycle

The unique property of a Hi-tech product is that, it may sweep through the global market in a short time but it may also be replaced by others soon. As a start-up, the fact that Airwheel won considerable market share and profit in its 1st year is rare and inspiring. Yet Airwheel never stays where it is and be smug about the then-achievements. Airwheel has realized that the lucrative electric unicycles will incent many competitors join the fierce competition, hence Airwheel has set the next destination, which is manned aircraft.