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The eco-commuting vehicle field has welcomed a new member, airwheel electric self-balancing scooter foldable e bike E3. The vehicle looks smaller and more portable. How can the small figure supports diversified functions? Here’s a test ride review of E3.

The summer will mark a freer and more comfortable riding experience, with the coming of Airwheel electric folding bike E3. Once owning an Airwheel E3, riders can wave goodbye to traffic congestion. The vehicle is highly recommended, after a head to toe examination and test ride.

The vehicle gives visually impact as being small and handy. E3 has customized 8 inch tyres and 1.4kg Li-ion battery. In total, E3 weighs around 12.5kg incredibly. It has a multiple folding system. The main frame, handle bar, saddle and pedals can all be folded. The folding size reaches 474*399*374mm, similar to that of a backpack. Therefore, E3 segway electric scooter is named as a backpack e bike. E3 has shown a high-level industrial and engineering design.

electric bike in backpack E3

Though the folding e bike E3 appears mini, it is a powerful vehicle. The small body can carry a maximum load of 100 kg. The maximum speed ideally reaches as much as 20 km/h, no inferior to other hulky electromobiles. Sufficient power supply stems from the small replaceable battery and high performance hub motor. There is a vector controller which can provide better operation and stability. The tire employing special materials and design helps to increase the speed. The unique tread pattern guarantees better grip effect.

How about the riding comfort level for such a small electric folding bike? To be honest, the user experience has been highly elevated due to the comfortable saddle. The saddle, with a left-right design can withstand balanced force and have better ventilation. Before each ride, check the APP for E3 connected to the phone and enjoy a safe journey. The app provides services like fault self-diagnosis, real time positioning, riding data checking and alarm system. A good product is always reliable and trust-worthy. When riders step onto the vehicle, they are well protected.

In general, Airwheel foldable e bike in backpack E3 is assessed as a suitable device for urban dwellers to either commuting or leisure purposes. The portability and reliability is beyond words.

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