The Evolutionary Road of Airwheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooters

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Airwheel Technology has shaped the world of smart and clean-energy commuting with its various products. Let’s take a look at the evolutionary road of its airwheel electric self-balancing scooter products.

The demands for clean energy and smart commuting vehicles are imperative in the current world. Intelligent scooters, among top choices of short-distance commuting vehicles are acclaimed as future trends. Airwheel, by launching a new type of saddle equipped electric scooter S8, has reinforced its market dominance.

In short, the evolutionary road for Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters is a transition from standing posture to sitting posture. The earlier products of Airwheel Technology are the electric unicycle and the twin-wheeled scooters. Riding the earlier products requires lots of bold practice, since the scooters are merely controlled by body movement. In the earlier developing age of intelligent scooters, they are frequently quoted as toys for young people. Airwheel segway price intelligent self-balancing scooter then served as either an exercise equipment or an entertaining vehicle. But observing in the opposite way, the electric unicycles free people of their two hands.

intelligent self-balancing scooters

The second generation of intelligent self-balancing scooters enjoys quite different appearance. They are equipped with two symmetrical wheels, a standing board and a handle bar, represented by the S-series. It has lowered the level of learning difficulty, since it can be operated with two hands. Thus, Airwheel S-series has been widely applied to various walks of life, such as police man daily patrolling vehicle, sightseeing vehicle in scenic spots, and means of transportation for work. The two-wheeled electric scooters are credited for elevating the practical reputation of Airwheel products.

The next stage for development is represented by Airwheel saddle equipped electric scooters. Airwheel A3 is the pioneer in this stage. A3 has highly improved the comfort level of intelligent self-balancing scooters. Airwheel S6 can also be listed in this category. Now, a strengthened version of S6, Airwheel electric walkcar S8 has been invented. S6 and S8 have been equipped with both a standing board and saddle, enabling its dual functions. Users can either sit or stand to operate it.

The evolution of intelligent scooters is to provide plenty of choices for people with different needs. Anyone can find the most suitable Airwheel hands free segway product to commute.

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