What is Airwheel Smart Helmet C5 Capable of?

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As a smart helmet, C5 helmets is designed with more intelligent elements. Integrated with a camera lens, it has enabled many more functions than ordinary helmet.

Airwheel has launched an intelligent helmet C5 this summer, in a bid to diversify the range of its devices. Differentiated from traditional helmet, the gadget is integrated with more intelligent elements, thus, enabling many more functions, apart from head protection.

Firstly, Airwheel Bluetooth helmet C5 can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. This cooperation with phone has created incredibly effects. The gadget, integrated with a speaker and phone, can free people of the two hands when answering phone. There is a one key to answer function on the helmet. When riders enjoy extreme sports in the open fields, they can either listen to music or answer phones during the thrilling process. The feeling of tension can be greatly eased with the companion of some music. The safety of riders are also well protected.

Airwheel helmet C5

Recently, an online video of a dog waits patently behind the door for the returning of its owner has touched many people. In many cases, people feel sorry about leaving the dogs alone at home when they are at work, or feel regretted for missing the wonderful moments of their pets. Now, Airwheel smart helmets, inserted with a HD camera now supports non-net video shooting 24h per day. The camera lens has a large view of 150°, and can present high resolution shooting performance. People can check the videos when they return home over the computer or phone.

When people stay at home alone, some would order take-out food. But it is not safe for them to open the door fro a stranger at home alone. How about turning on the video shooting function on an Airwheel helmet C5, or calling someone by the helmet? It will dismiss the insecure factors and reassure other family members. C5 is so reliable to give them all-rounded protection all day. It can even serve as an anti-burglar device. The recorded videos can provide evidence, when theft takes place at home.

As long as customers can imagine, there will be many more functions which Airwheel intelligent bike helmets C5 can realize.