Why Do Airwheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooters Really “Hurt” Traditional Vehicles?

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Abstract: Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters teach people how to truly “hurt” traditional transport vehicles—cars, buses and metro.

It seems that Megatron has finished the first step of his plan—to make the mechanic vehicles occupy the world before he take the cube of energy to the world. However, human beings are also the creatures with conscience and wisdom on the Earth. And people have found the way of truly “hurt” these traditional transport vehicles—to choose Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters.

Why Airwheel intelligent scooters truly “hurt” these traditional vehicles? It’s because of the many advantages Airwheel scooters have compared with these traditional vehicles. Compared with these traditional ones, Airwheel intelligent vehicles have better performances in offering riders more comfortable and convenient riding experiences.

airwheel self-balancing electric scooter

The advantages of Airwheel intelligent scooters come from the advanced design of both the hardware and software of them. All the vehicle parts of Airwheel intelligent scooters all come from top enterprises in each field. For instance, the battery cores are provided by Sony the leader in battery industry and the tyres are form Cheng Shin the top brand worldwide. The top-quality vehicles units make Airwheel scooters durable and stable, which indirectly keeps the safety of riders.

Other key elements of the better travel experiences are the built-in operating systems. The operating systems inside all Airwheel models are slightly different. But all of them provide riders with the intelligent and user-friendly control styles and comprehensive protection functions. Because of the operating systems, riders on Airwheel scooters only need to tilt slightly their body towards the directions they want and the vehicle will head out immediately. And there is seldom any danger occurring while riding Airwheel scooters because Airwheel has developed the speed limit protection, overcharge protection, low battery protection and many other protection functions for minimizing the possibility of dangers.

Top-vehicle units and intelligent operating systems are all contained in the small vehicle bodies. Airwheel intelligent scooters are much more portable than traditional vehicles. The S series two-wheeled intelligent scooters with the largest vehicle bodies can be rode on many types of roads. Even the roads are not available for traditional cars, like small wood roads and roads on the river sides.

Airwheel intelligent scooters, the vehicles make people leave their private cars.